On My Way to the Fountain

On My Way to the Fountain

by Natalie Key | September 15, 2015

On my way to the fountain, something beautiful happens. Some may call it magical, but I simply and confidently call it God! The fast-paced world around me becomes slow. At times it’s as if I am suspended in time, life halts, and in these special moments I hear God’s voice whisper, “Now, don’t miss this gift I’m about to give you.”

“I won’t Daddy, I promise. I’ve prayed for these moments, I have faith that daily you would allow me to see, and I seek not to miss a single person because they are Yours.”

I spent years living such a selfish life. It was all about me. My wants, my desires, my time. As I walked this path life passed me by and death consumed me. But life—it’s exactly what changed me. My life was overwhelmed in an instant by His life. At that one moment in time when life seemed so out of control, God chose to stop time, hold my face in His hands, and say, “Look at me.” And when I did, I saw God, I saw hope, I knew love, and I gained life through my beautiful  Savior.

On my way to the fountain, I pray the same prayer every single day. “Lord, stop time. Allow me to see you, allow me to see what everyone around me is missing. Lord, allow me to see Your purpose in each life, and please God don’t just let life pass me by.” And so when I step out my door, every single day He hears and time stops. Death surrounds me, but Life gives me eyes to see, a heart to love, and faith to know that God is in complete control. On my way to the fountain I can finally see, because I’m not looking through my eyes, I’m looking with His!

Since we moved here, something deep inside me has changed. I’m not the same person I was just two short months ago. The things I see every time I step out my door are completely overwhelming, yet the hope I hold within my heart tells me to have faith. There are days I feel completely broken because I hold each of the people I meet along the way deep within my heart. If they could only know the beauty of their Creator, if they could know how loved they are. Oh God, please save them. Please Lord, show them their purpose in you and for you.  And please Father God,  let them no longer wander but instead let them find rest in You.

On my way to the fountain, I see. I can really see. I can finally see, and I never want to go blind again!

On my way to the fountain, she sits in the same spot almost every time I pass by. She has a crate of kittens that you can tell she loves more than anything in this entire world. She reminds me so much of my mother, mostly because I guess them to be around the same age. Spread out around her is most likely everything she owns. Her clothes are worn and the tiny jar that she is eating from suggests that what she does have, she does not take for granted. Though she is hungry I watch as she shares what little she has to make sure that those kittens are well fed so that they, too can grow big and strong. Our eyes meet and in this instant I know joy.  She holds a beauty that goes so much deeper than what many will only see on the outside.  In her, I see my Daddy, I see my Creator, I see my Jesus.

On my way to the fountain I lock eyes with a young girl who looks no older than about fourteen. She looks scared, lost, and as if life is just too much for her. Her eyes look dead and hopeless. Her arms are locked with a man who is much older than her yet it is not in a loving embrace. Then, I notice the way she is dressed, and the color of her skin. Unfortunately, I have seen this before. It is something that surrounds us day in and day out. I keep pace with them praying that God would rescue her, that He would save her from the fate that most likely awaits her. Today, she is most likely walking a path that will only lead to pain. She is one among many this day whose bodies will be sold to pure evil. These children will be abused, tortured, and sexually assaulted. They will be treated as if they are trash and when the torture is over they will be forced to get up again and again for someone else to do this to them. Sometimes it is their own families who have forced them onto the streets and sometimes they are taken but there is no one to even notice they’re gone.  Those eyes, I can’t forget those eyes. Deep inside I hear her cry out and in this moment I will turn God because HE CAN! In her, I see my Daddy, I see my Creator, I see my Jesus.

On my way to the fountain God told me, “Stop and be still.” I found myself standing in the middle of a busy crowd trusting that He had a gift that He didn’t want me to miss. As I stood and prayed life  slowed around me, the noise of the city became mute, and there about twenty feet away stood a man  who looked like every other man in the park. There was really nothing that stood out about him. He didn’t look as if he was in need, he was decently dressed and very clean, and he had no other belongings with him suggesting that he didn’t live on the streets. I headed out this night in particular because God simply said go. I brought a meal from home and a hand written letter explaining who I was and why God had me make this meal for them. At this moment though I questioned if I was in the right spot. This was not the “typical” spot to find people in need. But, I prayed to see the things that everyone else was missing, to notice the person that was so easy to pass on by, and to recognize that we are really all in “need” so surely this moment wasn’t just a mistake. So, as I stood and prayed God said, “Now wait and see.”  For me, this moment of time slowed as if our lives were transported into a scene from the movie “The Matrix “. I felt as if I was looking through the most powerful lens, and in this man’s eyes I could see something so much deeper. As he passed by I followed close behind, trusting that God would show me what to do next. Not too many steps from our original spot he made the most delicate of moves to look inside a trash bin, so as to not bring attention to himself, and that is when I received God’s beautiful gift.

I’m pretty convinced that I was not brought to the park for this man on this night but just the opposite. I will NEVER forget the way he shook my hand and looked into my eyes. He was hungry and so was I but only in a different way. He badly needed something to eat and so did I as his words of thanks fed my heart and soul with God’s love, truth, and faith. It was this night that God continued to to remind me that one life matters! It was  in this mans eyes that I heard the words, “Fight for me!” As he held my hand and looked into my eyes there was a loved exchanged that came from neither of us. This love was God’s alone! It was on this night  that God told me not to waste a single day but to take everything I have right now and trust that He will do something amazing! In him, I saw my Daddy, I saw creator, I saw my Jesus.

On my way to the fountain time stops because I ask my Daddy to see. On my way to the fountain I see so much hope even in the midst of pain. On my way to the fountain I see lives that matter, and that were created with a purpose. On my way to the fountain I see sin that has already been overwhelmed by Christ. On my way to the fountain I don’t want to walk with my head down or become numb to the world around me. On my way to the fountain I want to take every step with faith. On my way to the fountain, I will fight for you! I will fight for your soul with a truth that can save. And… Every single day when I step out my door I will remember to ask for eyes that can see, ears that can hear, and a heart that is broken because I am ALWAYS on my way to the fountain.

Jesus said to her, “Everyone who drinks of this water will be thirsty again, but whoever drinks of the water that I will give him will never be thirsty again. The water that I will give him will become in him a spring of water welling up to eternal life.” The woman said to him, “Sir, give me this water, so that I will not be thirsty or have to come here to draw water.”
John 4:13-15