The Local Church

bgfavs_004God created the church to do his work, and we believe that ministry should be done through the local body whenever possible. The First Evangelical Baptist Church in Sofia has been around for over a hundred years, and is doing great work in Bulgaria’s capital city and beyond. Although a small church with little financial resources, they strive to make a big impact in their community.

It is in and through this church that we will continue to serve, challenging its members to be on mission every minute of every day—not just on Sundays, or through special ministries, but when they shop, when they walk or sit in the park, when they work, go to school, play…

In addition to the church in Sofia, there are many other small evangelical churches across the country of Bulgaria. One of the ways we have served all of these churches is through student ministry. Every summer, students from all over Bulgaria gather together for a week of camp in the beautiful mountains. While many are already believers (although often one of very few believers in their family, school or town), some are coming to spend time with friends, and hearing the Gospel for the first time. Still others are children and leaders from the orphanages, who are allowed to come because of the relationship the church has built with them over many years.


In a country with a population of over seven million, over 90% call themselves Christian. However, the vast majority of these belong to the Orthodox church, where unfortunately, finding someone who has a real understanding of the Gospel or who has even ever read a Bible for themselves is extremely rare. Less than 2% of the population of Bulgaria are Evangelical Christians, and many of these grew up under communist rule, where sharing your faith openly could land you in hot water very quickly. While the church is growing and doing incredible things, there is a huge need for Christian leaders to shine light and make disciples!

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