Tradecraft::For the Church on Mission

Tradecraft : For the Church on Mission

Tradecraft:For the Church on Mission is an excellent resource for anyone who wants to quit just GOING to church and start to actually BE the church. The authors aren’t just doling out ideology – they are experienced pastors, missionaries and church leaders who have a heart for reaching the world with the Gospel. They delve into not just the why’s and theology of reaching communities and cultures for Christ, but also with good practical steps to help you put what you’ve read into action.

The book deals with things such as mapping the area you are serving (understanding how things like history, geography and daily life affect how people will understand how the Gospel is indeed Good News for them), understanding the importance of culture (I love the chapter on Exegeting Culture!) and developing relationships with the people God has called you to reach. These are only a few of the many topics covered in the book.

The beauty of Tradecraft is that it dispels the notion that missionaries are people who serve “somewhere else,” and rightly identifies that as Christians, we are all missionaries, wherever God plants us. I highly recommend this book for anyone who identifies themselves as a Christ Follower.

In our iSalt ministry, we train students and adults to see the world around them as their mission field, whether in their own home or across the planet. As part of this training, we put what they’re learning into practice, beginning with steps to reach the familiar culture of their own community, and by the end we take them with us to serve in Eastern Europe, experiencing a completely foreign culture. Tradecraft: the Church on Mission is written as if it were intended to be a companion text to what we do, and as such will become required reading for our future teams.

About the Authors

Larry E McCrary co-founded The Upstream Collective. He has a wonderful wife who loves working with Third-Culture Kids. His children Megan and Parker have spent most of their lives in Europe. They were involved in church planting in the States during the 90s and have been in Spain and Germany since 2001. He loves working with young churches and helping them begin to engage their community and their world.

Caleb Crider co-founded the Upstream Collective in Spain in 2007. He lives in Portland, Oregon, with his wife, two children, a dog, and some chickens. He works as a communications specialist, but he is really a missionary and church planter who believes that all Christians everywhere should think and act like missionaries.

Wade Stephens has lived on mission with his family for 10 years in Eastern Europe. For the past several years, he has been in the U.S. while helping churches, companies, and individuals that are seeking to live as missionaries. Working as a missionary and/or tentmaker over the years, he recognizes an opportunity for the gospel to advance through creative endeavors.

Rodney Calfee was a product of the Upstream Collective before he ever considered joining the team. He joined UC as a young pastor on a trip to Taiwan, where everything he knew about church planting and missional living was stretched and challenged. He works full-time with Upstream in Birmingham, where he lives with his wife and three daughters. His hope is that other leaders would have a similar experience to his and be impassioned and equipped to lead their people to think and act like missionaries.