Join Our Team

Minutes after we first met Krasi in Stara Zagora, summer of 2007From the bottom of our hearts we want to say thank you for partnering with us and faithfully answering the call to be a part of the amazing work that God has called us to in Bulgaria. We recognize that this calling includes not only the work we will be allowed to be a part of in Bulgaria as we go, but also (and just as important !) the role you will play in God’s purpose through faithful prayer, financial support, and maybe, just maybe coming to see for yourself the great work going on across the globe. We have all the faith in the world that, as we join together in this ministry and are faithful to the roles God has for each of us, the Gospel of Christ will be brought not just to Bulgaria but literally to the ends of the earth, and will have eternal impact on those whose eyes are opened and hearts are broken through the blood of Christ.

Our plan (according to God) is to be packed up, house sold, and ready to board a plane and move by this coming June. In order to make this a reality (among the many others things that we must accomplish) we obviously have to have all funding faithfully raised by the time we hit the ground. The budget we need to raise is $4000/month, which will provide everything we need to live and minister in Bulgaria. With that said, we want to provide you all the information needed so that you are able to easily set up your payments, which will help to fully fund our ministry through February 2017. Once again, we understand the sacrifice and commitment you are making and we thank you for your faithful support. Once you have determined the best payment method for you, we kindly ask that you fill out the form below so that we are able to track our funding as we prepare to go.